Safety Statements

Safety Statements

Why Should You Manage Health & Safety?

Put simply, there are 3 main reasons why employers should manage Health & Safety in their workplace.


1. Legal Requirement

Under Section 20 of the Safety, Health & Welfare 2005 Act, ALL employers, including the self-employed persons, MUST prepare a Safety Statement.

Annbrook Safety Training will visit your workplace, at a time convenient to you, to review your daily work activities.

This site visit will allow our safety advisor to account for all the potential hazards & risks that your employees may be exposed to, during the course of their normal working day.

With this information, Annbrook Safety Training can then prepare a site specific & a comprehensive Safety Statement which meets the need of your organisation.


2.  Economic Reasons

Effective health & safety management in the workplace will contribute to business success.

Accidents & ill-health incur significant costs & more often than not, vastly underestimated.


3. Human Factors

What has been written down in your Safety Statement will help you, as an employer, to prevent injuries & ill-health at work.

Employers are legally obliged to do all they can, to ensure that your employees do not suffer ill-ness, a serious accident or worse case scenario, a workplace fatality.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your exact requirements & to arrange a consultation. 


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