Working at Heights

Working at Heights

MEWP Training

Our MEWP course (Commonly known as Scissors & Boom Lift Training) is designed for operators who do not currently hold a certificate or in need of refreshing their skills.

It is designed to help create & increase safety awareness among those interested individuals or for those organisations whose employees carry out their normal work duties at height.

It is designed to equip all workers with a good knowledge of the requirements of the Work at Heights Regulations in Ireland.

Please Note:  Organisations will have to provide their own MEWP for this training course.


Ladder Safety Awareness

This is a short course about Ladder Safety Awareness course designed to equip learners with the necessary information & knowledge to carry out their duties while working on a ladder.


Work at Heights Awareness Training

Our Working at Heights & Safety Harness Inspection course is designed for those employees who work at heights.

It aims to give them an awareness of the hazards & risks of working at height & the legislation & regulation specifically applicable to working at height.


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