Office Safety - Bullying Awareness

Office Safety - Bullying Awareness

Office Safety Awareness

This awareness course provides learners with knowledge & information in order to ensure health & safety in the office is adequately managed.

It will increase health & safety awareness in your office.

Typical office hazards include poor workstation design, electricity, slips, trips & falls, manual handling & fires.  


Bullying & Harassment Awareness Workshop

The Bullying & Harassment Awareness Workshop is designed to inform Managers & HR Professionals on how to respond to Bullying & Harassment in the workplace.

It also includes what to do should an investigation take place.

As per the Health & Safety Authority Guidelines,

Workplace bullying behaviour, which is repeated, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by one or more people, at the place of work, if it is undermining the individual’s right to dignity while they work is considered to be bullying. 

A once off incidence is not considered to be bullying, even though, it may make the individual feel undermined at the time.


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