Benefits of Health and Safety

Benefits of Health and Safety


  1. Improves company reputation
  2. Higher efficiency & productivity
  3. Retaining your staff
  4. Reduction in accidents & lost working days
  5. Saves money on insurance, claims & litigation

  1. Builds confidence in senior management
  2. Increased staff morale
  3. Improved safety awareness
  4. Better levels of health
  5. Stay in work & earning money


What is a Safety Culture?

“Safety Culture" includes the ways in which health & safety issues are addressed in the workplace.

Safety Culture includes attitudes, beliefs, perceptions & values that employees hold or believe regarding health & safety in the workplace.

Very simply put, it is "the way we do things here."

What to Consider

Ideally, all staff members would work together to create a Safety Culture. However, there are many things that may prevent this from happening. These include;

  • Existing beliefs currently held by all staff
  • Employee & Management attitudes towards workplace safety
  • Existing company policies, procedures & on-site rules
  • Workplace pressures
  • Attitudes towards fixing unsafe situations
  • Employee Training - Some or None
  • Staff involvement in wanting to create a Safety Culture
  • Motivation Levels
  • Committment to development of a safer & healthier workplace for all staff
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We can give you some ways to create a Safety Culture for your organisation.


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