Health and Safety Awareness

Health and Safety Awareness

Health & Safety for Managers

The aim of this course is to make managers aware of their H&S responsibilities as outlined in Section 80 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005.

This course is aimed at executive & non-executive directors of all types of workplace in both the private & public sectors or other managers who are responsible for directing workers while at work & work activities.

It will help these office holders to protect their employees, customers & those members of the public who may be affected by what they do in the work-place by ensuring that the safety & health risks arising from work activities are properly managed.

VDU Assessors Training

This VDU Assessor course is designed to enable the learner to perform ergonomic risk assessments in their workplace. 

This course is divided into 2 parts.

The first part of the day is a power-point presentation on the VDU Regulations.

The second part of the day is learners completing their own VDU Ergonomic Risk Assessments with instructor feedback.


Noise Awareness Training

Workplace noise can be a contributory factor in many workplace accidents.

The effect of noise on hearing can be temporary or permanent.

Exposure to workplace noise may also cause tinnitus, which is a sensation of noises (such as ringing or buzzing) in the ears.

This can occur in combination with hearing loss. This three-hour long course is designed to provide learners with a basic understanding of noise, sound & the various effects it can have on the employee.


Accident Investigation Training

This half-day Accident Investigation Course is designed to provide learners with some of the skills & knowledge to investigate & report on accidents & dangerous occurrences in the workplace.

It is an ideal course for those who are Safety Representatives in your organisation.


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