Safe Pass - Do I have to do it???

Safe Pass - Do I have to do it???

CSCS Safe Pass Awareness Training

CSCS stand for Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

The CSCS Safe Pass Awareness Training is a one-day Health & Safety training programme aimed at those who work primarily in the construction sector. 

The main aim is to increase the level of safety awareness in the construction industry & to help in the prevention of accidents & ill-health while on-site.

SOLAS is the national statutory body in Ireland whose overall responsibility it is, to manage this programme.


Who Attends the CSCS Safe Pass Awareness Training?

Under the Safety Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013, the Safe Pass only applies to the following types of employees;

  • Craft & General Construction Workers
  • Persons undertaking on-site security work AND
  • Persons or Classes of persons as may be prescribed by the Minister


However, NOT all Construction based workers have to attend this programme.


The Health & Safety Authority & The Construction Advisory Committee have produced the following categories of persons to whom Safe Pass does not apply.

  • Project Managers or Site Agents not involved in Construction Activities
  • Site Managers not involved in Construction Activities
  • Safety Advisor's or Safety Officers not involved in construction work
  • Visitors to Show Houses
  • For a Full list, check out the H.S.A. website for more information


Purpose of the Safe Pass

The Safe Pass Programme is designed to make workers more aware of the dangers on construction sites so that they will not be a danger to themselves or their co-workers. 

Training on this programme should be renewed every 4 years.

Employers are liable for all costs involved in putting their employee’s through this programme.


For more information, contact SOLAS directly on their website or ring (01) 533 2500.